Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Columbia, MD

Embarrassed by Teeth That Appear Short?

An overgrowth of gums can make teeth look short, stubby and unattractive.

If you feel like you show too much of your gums compared to your teeth then you smile, Dr. Moskowitz can help.

He can perform gum recontouring to reveal more of your teeth for a greater cosmetic appeal and a more confident smile. 

What Is a "Gummy Smile?"

A gummy smile occurs when there is an excess of gum tissue and bone covering the surface of the teeth. This can make your teeth appear asymmetrical in size and shorter than they really are. We help patients who feel self conscious about their smile with periodontal plastic surgery to help remove and reshape the gums and bone for a more attractive appearance. 

Fixing a Gummy Smile or Uneven Gumline in Elkridge & Columbia, MD

Dr. Moskowitz can beautifully sculpt away excess tissue to expose more of the tooth structure and eliminate a gummy smile. He can also reshape uneven gumlines that are adversely affecting the aesthetics of your smile. In certain situations, the laser can be used for minor sculpting.

The results can be life changing and can be seen immediately. We hand patients a mirror and they become teary-eyed at what they see!  

Crown Lengthening for Placement of Crowns or Veneers near Baltimore, MD

In addition to removing and recontouring gum tissue to provide a more aesthetic smile and evenly proportioned gumline, Dr. Moskowitz provides functional crown lengthening to expose more of the tooth surface in preparation for other cosmetic dental procedures, such as new crowns or porcelain veneers.

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Periodontal Care Is More Affordable Than You May Think

Many patients hesitate to proceed with periodontal treatment because they fear they will not be able to afford it. Postponing treatment can be more costly, and early treatment is absolutely necessary if you are predisposed to developing gum disease.

If you have finance concerns, let our team help you make payment arrangements with an extended payment plan. You can also reduce the cost of your treatment by 5% when you pay in full at the time of service. 

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