Sedation Dentistry

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry Baltimore MD
If you are someone who has a phobia of dentists or gets anxious about dental procedures, Baltimore Periodontics has options for you. Sedation dentistry, sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, utilize medication and anesthetics to calm patients during dental procedures. Despite the name, patients remain awake throughout the procedure but they tend to feel as though they slept through the entire thing.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

As mentioned, sleep dentistry is often recommended for patients who express anxiety about dental work. Other factors that may make a patient a good candidate for sedation dentistry include:

  • Having a strong gag reflex
  • Undergoing extensive dental work at once
  • Get easily agitated
  • Not effected by the use of numbing medications
  • Have chronic jaw or mouth pain

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for sedation. Your past medical history and current medical conditions may restrict you from being able to undergo sedation dentistry. Dr. Ari Moskowitz will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate.

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How does dental sedation work?

Dr. Ari Moskowitz and our team work hard to ensure patients have a relaxing and anxiety free experience during each visit. We understand that some patients refrain from visiting the dentist out of anxiety and fear, which is why we offer a range of sedation dentistry services that can relieve dental anxiety.

Getting dental treatments with sedation can address your level of anxiety and eliminate dental fears. Dr. Ari Moskowitz can improve the health of your smile with our sedation dentistry options.

Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Moskowitz and his staff are very kind and professional. Dr. Moskowitz is very caring and takes pride in his work. I recommend this place to everyone. I have not stopped smiling since Dr. Moskowitz has done my procedure. -Bre N.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

All types of sedation services have their own set of advantages.

  • Nitrous oxide sedation is requested frequently for relieving severe dental fears.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry can be especially helpful if you need more complex dental treatments.
  • Dental fears and dental anxiety are suppressed so there is no anxiety or fear.

Options for Dental Sedationdental sedation to calm nerves and anxiety at the dentist

Here at Baltimore Periodontics, we use the two most commonly used types of sedation options during our procedures. The most common sedation options are nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide continues to be a popular option for sedation because it is so easy to administer and helps to produce feelings of calm and euphoria. Patients undergoing this type of sedation can drive themselves home after their appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This is administered in the form of a pill and needs to be taken one hour before the appointment. You will feel sleepy and relaxed during your procedure. You will be able to undergo treatment without any dental fears, but you will need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

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