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Gum disease has been linked to several health issues including low birth weight babies, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Dr. Ari Moskowitz offers laser gum disease treatment with the LANAP® protocol which can be very effective for eradicating an active infection in the mouth. We can perform this procedure without having to cut the gum tissue or use stitches!

Many patients who have gum disease do not end up getting the treatment they need during the early stages and end up with advanced periodontitis, which can cause bone loss, missing teeth, and a host of other health issues. Getting early treatment is essential for your oral health and overall health!

What is LANAP Gum Therapy?

LANAP is the only FDA cleared laser technology used to regenerate gum tissue and bone growth after gum disease. As an alternative to other gum disease surgeries and treatments, LANAP uses a variable pulsed laser to target bacteria below the gum line and kill it.

What is Gum Disease?

There are two types of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontist. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease and is typically caused by poor oral hygiene. Symptoms of gingivitis include the following:

  • Redness
  • Swollen and tender gums

If left untreated, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis which causes further problems like bone loss, tooth loss, chronic inflammation, gum recession, lesions, and more.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Whether it’s fun to talk about or not, our mouth is full of bacteria. When this bacteria forms together with mucous, it makes a sticky substance called plaque. And although you can typically get rid of plaque by brushing and flossing, it can sometimes harden and turn into tartar which has to be professionally removed by a dentist. When tartar hardens along the gum line for a long period of time, it can sometimes lead to gum disease. Gum disease can also be caused by a variety of other factors including hormones, smoking, certain medications, and diseases like diabetes.

LANAP Laser Gum Therapy Benefits

LANAP® laser gum disease treatment offers several benefits over traditional gum surgery, including:

  • Faster healing time because LANAP does not require the cutting of the gums.
  • Minimal discomfort compared with traditional surgery.
  • Less downtime after surgery because there is no cutting or stitches.
  • Reduced inflammation and bleeding during and after the procedure.
  • Saves your healthy teeth by treating gum disease in adjacent ones.
  • May regenerate some lost bone around the teeth.

Candidates for Laser Gum Therapy

Patients who show evidence of periodontal disease should consider laser gum therapy as a solution. Ideal candidates for laser gum therapy have moderate to severe gum disease. These signs include loose or missing teeth, loss of bone density, and large gum pockets. Alternative treatments include scaling and root planning and traditional gum surgery.

During your initial examination, Dr. Ari Moskowitz will look for signs of gum disease like receding gums, loose teeth, and red, swollen, inflamed, and tender gums.

LANAP Laser Gum Therapy Video Testimonial

Traditional Gum Surgery Vs. Laser Gum Therapy

Traditionally, gum surgery involved cutting the gum tissue, folding it back, and then cleaning the teeth to remove tartar and plaque below the gum line. At the end of the procedure, your gums are stitched back. With LANAP, however, we are able to more effectively get rid of diseased tissue without having to cut open the gums, and no stitches necessary.

Surgery can be a very painful procedure, especially in patients with severe periodontal disease. Traditional surgery can be so painful that many patients choose tooth extraction to avoid surgery. LANAP laser gum therapy causes significantly less discomfort and requires less pain medication post-surgery. There is less downtime associated with laser gum therapy.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Moskowitz and his staff are exemplary within the field of Dentistry. I travel a far distance(from (Massachusetts) to see him for treatment and his compassion and the amount of time that he takes to be thorough and educate is amazing. My gums have never been healthier and my own behavior and dental cleaning routine has changed at home.” – Michelle D.

Laser Gum Therapy Procedure

During your LANAP procedure, Dr. Moskowitz will use a laser tool with a small probe attached to it to clean out the gingival pockets. By using a powerful beam of light, LANAP targets only diseased tissue, sanitizes the area, and reduces inflammation and fights off infection. Once the pockets have been cleaned, they are sealed.

Laser Gum Therapy | Baltimore Periodontics | Catonsville MD
Baltimore Periodontics gum therapy stages
Laser gum treatment stages at Baltimore Periodontics
Baltimore Periodontics

Recovery From Laser Gum Therapy

One of the best parts about LANAP laser gum therapy is that there is virtually no downtime. Most patients can return right back to their regular activities immediately afterward and should be fully recovered in less than 24-hours.


How Many Laser Gum Treatments Will I Need?

On average, we are able to get rid of all of the diseased tissue with just one LANAP procedure. During your initial consultation with Dr. Moskowitz, he will be able to give you a better idea of whether or not you will only need one treatment.

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Risks of LANAP Laser Gum Therapy

Although risks are small and rare, some patients experience swelling, bruising, bleeding, and sensitivity after LANAP but symptoms should subside after a couple of days. If your symptoms worsen or persist, contact our office right away.

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