Dental Implants

Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer numerous benefits and advantages over other tooth replacement procedures such as dentures and bridges. Many denture wearers are embarrassed by the clicking sounds dentures can make and have to deal with a compromised ability to eat and speak properly. Bridges require grinding down healthy teeth for optimal placement, which can affect your oral health in the long run. Dental implants provide a secure fit and permanent results while restoring your ability to eat all of your favorite foods and speak clearly.

If You Have Missing Teeth You’re Not Alone!

Some interesting facts:

  • 25 percent of adults in the United States 60 or older have lost all of their teeth.
  • Smokers are at a higher risk of losing their teeth.
  • Many adults end up losing at least one tooth by the time they reach middle age.
  • 40 percent of adults in the United States are partially edentulous.
25 % Of Adults 60+ Have Lost All Their Teeth
40 % Of US Adults Are Partially Edentulous

Dental Implants Are Low Maintenance

Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth and do not have to be replaced or removed for cleaning. They function just like your natural teeth, so you will need to care for them by brushing and flossing as you normally do. Dental implants are fused directly into the jaw bone for a secure fit.

Dental Implants Last a Lifetime

With correct placement, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dr. Ari Moskowitz can replace missing teeth with the right procedure, and may recommend other procedures such as bone grafting or a sinus lift to ensure optimal results. We also offer sedation dentistry services to make your visits that much more manageable.

Replace One or More Missing Teeth

Dr. Moskowitz can replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants can also be used to support a set of dentures in an implant supported denture procedure or for implant supported bridges for more stability.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Patients with dental implants enjoy a better quality of life because they do not need to worry about glues, adhesives, and pastes associated with dentures. Dental implants can reduce the risk of gum irritation and also improve bone health. They are designed to restore your oral health and enhance your smile.

Replacing Dentures With Dental Implants

Implant supported dentures are held in place by using a set of dental implants as a foundation for the dentures. We can perform this procedure under local anesthesia or with sedation dentistry services to ensure a stress free visit. Dr. Moskowitz offers two methods of implant supported dentures: bar retained dentures and ball retained dentures.

Ball Retained Implant Supported Dentures

These are designed with a ball and socket mechanism and provide an extremely secure tooth replacement option. Dentures fitted with sockets will firmly attach to balls atop of the implants integrated within the jaw bone.
Dental Implants | Baltimore Periodontics | Catonsville MD

Bar Retained Implant Supported Dentures

To ensure maximum comfort and stability, a metal bar is connected to dental implant posts. A set of dentures can then be placed on top of the metal bars and secured in place with clasps for a tight fit.
Dental Implants | Baltimore Periodontics | Catonsville MD

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