Why Are Regular Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

Did you know that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month? Oral cancer is a disease that takes the life of about one person every hour, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. It also has a very high morbidity rate if not caught early.

Most dental professionals regularly screen for oral cancer during routine appointments as a preventative measure. As a periodontist in Catonsville, MD, Dr. Moskowitz understands just how essential it is to diagnose this condition early to improve patient outcomes.

This month, you can show your support of those who have had oral cancer and help increase understanding and awareness of this disease. How? Check out these ways:

  • Go to your periodontist. We understand it can be difficult to find time for an appointment. but there’s no better moment than now to pick up the phone and schedule a cleaning.
  • Wear an oral cancer bracelet or ribbon. Typically, the colors associated with oral cancer are red and white, burgundy and ivory, or burgundy and white. When people ask about it, talk to them about the realities of this disease.
  • Be sure your relatives and loved ones have been checked. Why allow them to put themselves in harm’s way if you can help? All it takes is a friendly reminder.
  • Find an oral cancer walk. Some local chapters of the American Cancer Society have walks that focus on certain types of cancer.
  • Is donating your preferred method of support? Donate to oral cancer research funding. Plenty of local and national nonprofits would be grateful for anything you could spare.

Of course, if you’ve beaten oral cancer, you may want to share your personal story with others. Look for opportunities to be a guest speaker in an elementary school, or contact a local reporter and offer to be an interviewee. You never know who might hear your message and decide it’s time to get screened.

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