Up, Up, and Away: How Perio Protect Can Save The Day

Perio Protect | Catonsville, MDWhen it comes to crime fighting, the only crime fighting we see patients for at our office is fighting against gum disease. As one of the most common periodontal conditions out there, gum disease is the last thing that you want to mess with and the first thing that you want to treat. Why? Because in its early stages, gum disease is easy to treat, but in its later stages it can lead to things like bone loss and even heart problems. If you have recently been treated for gum diseases, but you still have gum disease, then you are not alone. In fact, even after treatment, gum disease still affects nearly 50% of patients. So, what can you do if you’re among that 50%?

Perio Protect

If you have already come into our office for a thorough cleaning and a round of antibiotics, but periodontal disease is still invading your life, then we may recommend a treatment like Perio Protect. This at-home treatment uses at-home trays that penetrate the gum line to help fight bacteria and gum disease.

If you have poor oral hygiene and never get your teeth cleaned, then Perio Protect won’t be good for you. Perio Protect is only for individuals who maintain good oral hygiene and oral health by brushing and flossing on a regular basis, and getting frequent cleanings. During your initial consultation appointment with our office, we will do a thorough examination in order to determine whether or not we think that you are going to be a good candidate for Perio Protect.

If it seems like now is the time to ditch your gum disease and live life more comfortably, then contact our Catonsville office to learn more about Perio Protect at 410.744.6088.

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