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3 Gum Healthy Foods To Load Up On This Thanksgiving

Here at Baltimore Periodontics, we pride ourselves on offering patients with the latest and greatest tips on how they can prevent gum disease and other oral health issues. Even though Thanksgiving foods are traditionally high in fat and sugar, there are a few traditional Thanksgiving foods that may also promote healthy teeth and gums. Let’s… Read More »

Gum Disease Treatment Catonsville MD

Have a Gummy Smile? How We Can Help

Having a handful of gummy bears is one thing but having a gummy smile is an entirely different issue. If you are self-conscious about your smile because you think that more of your gums show than teeth, then you may be a suitable candidate for a procedure called crown lengthening. Let’s delve a little deeper… Read More »

Dental Implants Catonsville, MD

How To Recover After Dental Implant Surgery

It can be easy to take advice from friends and family when it comes to recovering from just about anything. And although there is some people’s advice that you should heed to, when it comes to recovering from dental implant surgery, the only person’s advice we think you should listen to is your periodontist. Because… Read More »

Osseous Surgery Catonsville MD

The Lowdown on Osseous Surgery

Although gum disease is one of the most common oral conditions, if it is left untreated, it can be harder and harder to treat. If your gum disease is in the early stages, we may be able to manage it with a thorough dental cleaning. This will help get rid of tartar and plaque along… Read More »

Gums Treatment Catonsville MD

The Importance of Detecting Gum Disease Early On

Here at Baltimore Periodontics, we perform a variety of both surgical and non-invasive techniques to help patients get rid of their gum disease and restore their oral health. And although all of these treatments are really effective, nothing is better at helping with gum disease as preventing it from the get-go. So, how can you… Read More »

Laser Gum Therapy Catonsville MD

4 FAQ’s About Laser Gum Therapy

Gum disease is a common oral condition that’s caused by a build-up of tartar along the gum line. And although you may think that you can get away without treating your gum disease, if left untreated, gum disease can cause a variety of issues like tooth loss, heart disease, low birth rate babies, and even… Read More »

Gums Treatment Catonsville MD

The Basics of Gum Grafting

One of the leading oral conditions is gum disease. And although gum disease can be easily treated if caught early on, that’s not always the case. In more advanced stages of gum disease, sometimes we at Baltimore Periodontics may recommend a treatment called gum grafting. So, what is gum grafting? How is it performed? And… Read More »

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Why Technology Counts

When it comes to technology, you may have the latest smartphone, tablet, and computer, but did you know that technology also plays a huge role in other aspects of your life including your oral health? Here at Baltimore Periodontics, we pride ourselves on the fact that we use the latest and most innovative technology to… Read More »

Pinhole Surgery Vs. Gum Grafting | Pinhole Surgical Technique Catonsville MD

Pinhole Surgery Vs. Gum Grafting

Having a gummy smile may be something that you were born with but having a receding gum line is something that is due to things like extreme tooth decay, or even gum disease can cause a wealth of issues. Although gum recession may seem more cosmetic and like something that can be left untreated, harmful… Read More »

Sleep apnea Catonsville, MD

How to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Snoring may be something that’s fun for your kids and spouse to tease you about, but that loud snoring may be a lot more serious than you are aware of. According to statistics, about 90 million Americans suffer from snoring and about half of those that snore because of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a… Read More »

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