The Basics of Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy Baltimore, MDGum disease is the most common oral condition that we see patients for here at Baltimore Periodontics. As a condition that causes pain and bleeding in your mouth and gums, gum disease can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the stage that it’s in. For instance, in its early stages, gum disease can be treated with a thorough cleaning, but as it advances, you may need a treatment like laser gum therapy.

What’s Laser Gum Therapy?

Here at our office we use a type of laser gum therapy called LANAP.  LANAP is the only FDA cleared laser technology used to regenerate gum tissue and bone growth. As an alternative to other gum disease surgeries and treatments, LANAP uses a pulsed laser to target bacteria below the gum line and kill it.

Why Laser Gum Therapy?

No, you don’t want to talk about oral bacteria while you’re enjoying a nice dinner out with friends, but bacteria is something that we aren’t shy to talk about here on our blog. Our mouths are filled with bacteria. When too much bacteria builds up, it can create a sticky substance called plaque which can eventually turn into tartar if you don’t keep up on your brushing. Typically, we see tartar build up just along the gumline where it can be difficult to brush. When this bacteria seeps into the gums, it can result in gum disease. Luckily, with LANAP, we can clean the bacteria out of your gums to help give you back the healthier smile that you deserve.

Also, there are several benefits of laser gum therapy including:

  • Less downtime after surgery because there is no cutting or stitches.
  • May regenerate some lost bone around the teeth.
  • Faster healing time because LANAP does not require the cutting of the gums.
  • Reduced inflammation and bleeding during and after the procedure.
  • Minimal discomfort compared with traditional surgery.
  • Saves your healthy teeth by treating gum disease in adjacent ones.

Are you ready to kick your gum disease to the curb and learn more about laser gum therapy? If so, contact us at our Catonsville office at 410.744.6088.

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