The Importance of Dental Care

Gum Disease Catonsville, MDYes, you’ve heard it your whole life: “You need to brush and floss your teeth both morning and night.” But similar to most things our parents ingrained in us when we were little, you may not know precisely why you should be doing it. But proper dental care isn’t just about brushing and flossing your teeth every night; it’s also about avoiding certain foods and getting regular dental exams. To help you better understand the importance of good dental care, we have created a brief article. Let’s take a closer look!


Gingivitis or gum disease is one of the leading oral issues that patients get diagnosed with every year. And, if it’s left untreated, it can lead to extreme gum recession and dental decay— resulting in you potentially having to get dental implants or gum grafting.

Luckily, similar to many oral health issues, gingivitis can be easily prevented with regular dental cleanings and brush your teeth both morning and night.

Extreme Decay

Another oral issue that can be easily prevented with just regular dental cleanings and brush and flossing? Severe tooth decay. If plaque and tartar are left on your teeth for too long, it can cause dental decay which can lead to things like holes in your teeth or cavities. And although cavities can be easily treated with dental fillings, not all dental decay is quite as easy.

Another part of dental health that is often overlooked? Tobacco use. Although you may think that chewing or smoking tobacco here and there isn’t a big deal, think again. Tobacco use can cause a variety of oral issues including oral cancer, tooth loss, infection, and more.

Taking good care of your teeth is easy. If you would like to learn more about dental care and dental treatments, call 410.744.6088 to  schedule an appointment at our Catonsville office today!

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