How to Massage Your Gums

Getting a back massage might be the most relaxing thing known to man, but did you know that there are other parts of your body (like your gums) that you should be massaging on a regular basis? If you have gum disease or you just feel like your gums are a little bit sore, regular massage can help with blood circulation and get them feeling better again. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways that you can healthily massage your gums.

Finger Massage

The easiest way that you can massage your gums is with your index finger. To start, take your index finger and massage your gums just under your teeth. Apply a small amount of pressure and start massage in a circular motion. If you feel a little bit of tenderness and pressure, that is normal, but if you are experiencing pain, then stop right away and contact our office.

Repeat this type of massage a few times a day or before you brush your teeth every day.

Water Flosser Massage

Water flossers are great for people who despise regular dental floss because they help to give you clean gums without the hassle of the floss. By using pressurized water, water flossers don’t just clean in between your teeth, but they also massage your gums at the same time, which is like you’re getting a two for one. Just make sure that the water pressure isn’t too high, because it could cause gum damage if you’re not careful.

If you have periodontal disease, massaging your gums is one way to speed up the entire healing process. In addition to getting treatment, we may encourage you to use these massage techniques, brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and watch what you eat.

To learn more about gum disease and gum disease treatments, contact our Catonsville office today and call us at 410.744.6088.

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