4 FAQ’s About Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy | Baltimore Periodontics | Catonsville MD Gum disease is a common oral condition that’s caused by a build-up of tartar along the gum line. And although you may think that you can get away without treating your gum disease, if left untreated, gum disease can cause a variety of issues like tooth loss, heart disease, low birth rate babies, and even some types of cancer. Luckily, here at Baltimore Periodontics, we have a variety of treatments that we can use to help treat gum disease including laser gum therapy. If you’re not familiar with this treatment, we have created a brief list answer five commons frequently asked questions.

FAQ: What is Laser Gum Therapy?

Here at our office, we use a treatment called LANAP or laser-assisted new attachment procedure. During this treatment, a fiber optic tip removes bacteria and plaque from the gumline. The laser eliminates the bacteria and diseased tissue while leaving the healthy tissue intact. During the next step, we will remove tartar from the top of the teeth with an ultrasonic cleaner. After the tartar has been removed, the laser is used again to get rid of any remaining tissue that was hidden under the plaque buildup and sterilizes the tissue and stimulates the formation of new tissues.

FAQ: Does It Hurt?

In contrast to other surgeries or even other laser surgeries, patients experience minimal pain and discomfort.

FAQ: What Is Recovery Like Afterward?

One of the many unique benefits of LANAP is that because there aren’t any stitches and the recovery is faster than other procedures. Once we send you home afterward, we will send you with a detailed recovery packet.

FAQ: Is it Effective?

Yes. In most instances, LANAP is effective at getting rid of tartar build-up, bacteria, and damaged tissue.

If you suffer from gum disease and it’s in the more advanced stages, then you may want to consider LANAP. During your initial consultation with our staff at Baltimore Periodontics, we will go over all of your treatment options to help you land on the right one for you.

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