Why Are Routine Dental Examinations Important?

When was the last time you went to the dentist for a cleaning and evaluation? Unfortunately, many patients in the area of Catonsville, MD have put off these visits, sometimes for many years. However, a dental examination and cleaning at the office is essential for maintaining oral health and wellness.

Why do we need to see the dentist regularly?

Routine evaluations and cleanings are a proactive approach to oral health. By visiting the dentist every six months, patients can have a professional monitor their health and provide treatments as soon as they are necessary. Patients who attend their routine dental visits will enjoy the benefits of a healthier smile, and can keep problems such as decay and disease from impacting their teeth and gums. These visits allow the dentist to identify possible signs of trouble, such as bone resorption, infected gums, and the early signs of decay.

How does a professional cleaning differ from brushing and flossing at home?

Patients are advised to brush and floss after every meal to keep their teeth and gums clean and free from tartar. In addition, patients who visit the dentist every six months can have their teeth professionally cleaned. This professional cleaning can be used to keep the smile healthy, and to reach places patients may have had trouble accessing with a toothbrush or floss. Additionally, our dental hygienists can also remove plaque with specialized instruments. Plaque cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone if it has developed. During a dental cleaning, our providers may also recommend additional treatments used to protect the teeth, including dental sealants or fluoride applications. These visits to the dentist also allow the team to evaluate the smile and determine if problems are developing well before they become a serious, and expensive, issue to fix.

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At Baltimore Periodontics, Lasers, and Dental Implants, our team of professionals can provide quality care and solutions for patients interested in improving overall oral health and wellness. Dr. Ari Moskowitz is a board-certified periodontist who focuses on educating patients on the importance of routine dental examinations. Patients in the Catonsville, MD area can call (410) 744-6088 to schedule an appointment with the team, conveniently located at 6400 Baltimore National Pike, Ste. 200B.

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